Position – Pūkenga Mātauranga Māori

Job Details Rotorua Lakes Council is committed to working in partnership with Te Arawa for the betterment of the district. Reflecting this partnership, Council is strengthening our ability to understand and apply mātauranga Māori understandings and values to Council services and activities. This has included the establishment of Te Ahurei (which focuses on strategic relationships between Council and Te Arawa, and works directly with Council and Te Arawa leadership and communities) and Mana Hautū Māori (which is responsible for developing Council’s internal capability to uphold the Te Arawa partnership). This new role, Pūkenga Mātauranga Māori, is a member of Council’s Te Amorangi team and works closely with Te Ahurei and Mana Hautū Māori to provide expert advice across Council on mātauranga Māori.

The successful candidate will work closely with the Operations and Infrastructure teams. These teams deliver a range of services, develop and maintain Council assets, and they work regularly with Te Arawa communities. The Pūkenga Mātauranga Māori will provide those teams with expert advice on how to recognise and reflect mātauranga Māori in Council policies and programmes, including advising on the quality of cultural assessments.

The role is an opportunity to ensure Council is authentic and innovative in the way we serve the needs of the Rotorua and Te Arawa communities. Having an excellent understanding of te reo me ōna tikanga, Pūkenga Mātauranga Māori will assist to uphold the mana of te paepae tapu on behalf of Council for visiting dignitaries and delegations. This also includes supporting the Mayor, Councillors, Chief Executive, managers and staff in respect of Te Arawa kawa and tikanga.

A further key responsibility of Te Pūkenga Māori is to lead implementation of Council’s commitment to Rotorua Reo Rua (NZ’s first bilingual city), including leading development of Council’s te reo Maori strategy and policy. This requires clear strategic thinking as well as an ability to project manage and deliver outcomes.
Location Rotorua Lakes Council
Category RLC
Work Type Full Time

Pukenga Matauranga Maori

Gina Rangi Manahautū Māori / Group Manager Māori
Waea: 027 608 9783  
Wāhi Mahi: 1106 Arawa St, Private Bag 3029, Rotorua Mail Centre, Rotorua 3046, New Zealand Kōrerohia te reo!


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