Te Arawa Health Strategy

Kia ora tātau Ngāti Kea Ngāti Tuarā

Te Roopu Hauora o Te Arawa is drafting a new Te Arawa health strategy to be implemented by LDHB and iwi.LDHB hasn’t been required (by the MOH) to develop a specific Māori health plan for a long time and we would like to ensure that the focus for Māori health equity is at the front of their minds in the future. To develop the plan, TRHOTA has engaged the services of KerriAnne Hancock to gather ideas, feedback and aspirations from each marae to ensure everyone has the opportunity to contribute and understand this kaupapa.We do not envisage a new plan that will maintain status quo: that is the antithesis of our goal.We are trying to develop a plan that is far more positive than negative, more exciting than intimidating and all the while actually being possible.On behalf of Ngāti Kea Ngāti Tuarā, you are invited to contribute your thoughts and ideas, alongside all others in Te Arawa, to help develop this plan.

Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou katoa.

Nāku iti nei, nā📷

Jenny Kaka-Scott

Lead Systems Innovator

Healthy Families Rotorua

p:07 2822438 m: +64 22 4225661 a: Level 1, 1231 Haupapa St, Rotorua

e: jenny@tearawawhanauora.org.nz

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