Ministerial appointments to Lakes District Health Board 2019

Nominations for interested persons to take up LDHB board positions as Ministerial Appointments are currently been sought by the Minister of Health.

The Minister can appoint up to 4 people to DHB’s to fill gaps in terms of skills and experience or with people from groups not represented among the elected members. Appointed members serve a term of up to three years. Members are remunerated for their time, which is expected to be approx. 45 days service each year.

Criteria to consider: A wide perspective on social, health and strategic issues; integrity & ethics; relevant governance skills and experience; financial literacy and critical appraisal skills; strong reasoning skills and an ability to actively engage with others in decision making; commitment to iwi/hapū, whānau/Te Arawa; available time.

If anyone is interested in being nominated and would like that nomination endorsed by Te Roopu Hauora o Te Arawa, please contact as soon as possible. You will need to provide a CV too. Endorsed TRHOTA nominations will then be forwarded to the Minister of Health’s office.

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