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Ko Te Horohoroinga o ngā ringa o
Kahumatamomoe te maunga
Ko Pōkaitu te awa
Ko Ngāti Kearoa Ngāti Tuara te hapū
Ko Te Arawa te iwi
Who we are

Who We Are

We are Ngāti Kearoa Ngāti Tuara of Te Arawa. We celebrate our whakapapa from our tupuna Kearoa and Tuara and the legacy that our tupuna have left us.

Our traditional rohe extends from Horohoro to Tihiotonga, Pukehāngi Tarewa, and Patetere. We continue our strong connection to our whenua and to our whānau, hapū and iwi.

Recent News


Protecting the Pekapeka

Predator control isn’t just about setting traps and hoping for the best—it’s a journey filled with research, dedication, and heartfelt planning. We go above and beyond to safeguard our whenua’s treasures.

Before we place a single trap, our project teams embark on a mission to understand the heartbeat of our land and what it takes for its treasures to thrive. Our Environmental Manager, Kataraina and her team, Izaiah Kiel and Kyle Kiel, are driven by a passion for protecting the long-tailed pekapeka.

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In a momentous return to our roots, members of Ngāti Kea Ngāti Tuara embarked on a profound journey to Waikarakia, a site of significant spiritual and historical importance to our hapū. This visit was not merely a trip; it was a journey to the place where Kahumatamomoe, during his travels with Tia, performed a sacred act of cleansing through karakia.

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In the early hours of Saturday morning, members of Ngāti Kearoa Ngāti Tuara assembled, with a singular purpose: to return to Patetere South. This land, woven into the very fabric of our identity, awaited our footprints once more, echoing the legacy of our tupunas. Supported by Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga, this journey was more than a visit—it was a journey, a collective step towards embracing and retracing the steps of our tupuna.

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Our Partners

Te Runanga o Ngāti Kea Ngāti Tuara is affiliated to and/or works closely with the following organisations: